• Terms and conditions
    Terms for the use of online games at www.Slotking.com- and other websites offered by Slotking
    1. Definitions and regulatory basis:
      Slotking operates an online gaming portal at www.slotking.com/games (hereinafter Portal). A range of online games as well as other services are offered on the Portal. These services include, for example, the possibility of creating a profile page, participating in blogs and forums, uploading media such as photographs, texts, and games as well as purchasing virtual items or other services. The players of the Portal, are hereinafter referred to as Users. In the following general terms and conditions, references made to “Games” or “Services” shall pertain to the Games and/or Services offered by Slotking. The business relationship between Slotking and Users shall be exclusively based upon these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Data Protection Policy and the Imprint, which both constitute an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. The contractual partner is Slotking. User Terms & Conditions are not considered part of the general contract unless Slotking approves of these in writing. The following Terms & Conditions apply to the use of the Portal and the Games and Services. The Games and Services can be accessed primarily through a personal computer connected to the Internet by telephone, ISDN, broadband or an equivalent connection. In addition, various other devices with internet access may be used, whereby the scope of operation and/or display characteristics may be limited. These Terms & Conditions expressly exclude questions that may arise with regard to the establishment of internet access, connection to websites and online games, and third-party software such as web browsers or access software, as these Services are not provided by Slotking.
      1. Present terms and conditions are in effect in any relationship between Slotking (hereinafter” the Company”) and any user of the Company’s websites, hereunder the Portal. 
      2. Persons who wish to use the website; www.slotking.com, must register an account (hereinafter ”Account Holder”, before being able to participate in any games at www.slotking.com. The registration entails that the person enters into a contract with the Company. Persons who wish to register, must accept the Terms.
      3. ”Account” is the term used for the Account created for the Account Holder, and which is used as an access point to the games on Slotking. The Account is used in any transaction between the Company and the Account Holder.
      4. The requirement behind the Terms and as such the contract between the Company and the Account Holder, is the applicable law on Gambling, including any addendums, notices, guidances etc.
    2. Account rules
      1. The following rules apply when registering and creating an Account:
        1. Only physical persons may register as owners of an Account.
        2. The person must be 18 years old.
        3. An Account is personal and the Account Holder is not allowed to grant others access or entrust others his or her login information with the intention of letting them login in to the Account. The Account Holder is able to keep an eye on misuse of the Account by checking the account history, balance and latest login. This information is available under “My account”. If abuse of the Account is discovered, the Account Holder must immediately contact Slotking customer service.
        4. The Account Holder is only allowed to act on behalf of himself/herself. At no point is the Account Holder allowed to act, play or buy on behalf of a third party or at its’ risk. 
        5. When registering a customer relationship, a person states his email address , while also hereby authorizing the Company to use the email address to contact them regarding current promotions, bonuses or news. This service can be canceled at Slotking.com.
        6. If an Account Holder has funds on a passive or suspended account, the funds will remain deposited in the Game Account. If there are any unfinished games on the Game Account, the games will be valid and will not be canceled. The Account Holder cannot in any way have the funds paid.
        7. Upon cancellation of a Game Account, any funds available within the Game Account will be deleted.
      2. In some cases, the Company offers the Account Holder a bonus for participating in the games and this bonus will in each case be specified in the specific offer. In all cases, the bonus can only be used once per household/IP address/Game Account. If the written rules for the bonus are not obeyed, the bonus is lost and will not be awarded to the Account Holder.
      3. Slotking reserves the right to;
        1. Refuse to register an Account and/or close an existing Account and terminate a customer relationship without further explanation. 
        2. Decline payments without explanation.
        3. Suspend and/or cancel an Account Holder’s participation in past, present or future competitions, games, tournaments, bonuses or other activities on websites belonging to the Company, and also confiscate funds available on the Game Account if the Account Holder is suspected of having unlawfully obtained winnings through cheating, having employed or made use of a system, including robots, machines, computers, software or other automated systems, designed or suitable to defeat the client and/or Slotking.com’s software. In a possible suspension period the Account Holder cannot close its Game Account. When the Company has decided whether to close the Account, a reasoned decision along with documentation will be sent to the Account Holder.
        4. Withhold and deduct from the balance of an Account, if the Terms are not complied with or if the Company has reason to suspect that the Account Holder has obtained the funds in an illegal way. 
        5. Limit the Account Holder's Game Account, if the Account Holder has acquired it inappropriately by e.g. utilizing technical errors in the game, or otherwise have utilized the Company's websites inappropriately. The balance of the Game Account will not be released to the Account Holder, and the existing Game Account or temporary account will be immediately suspended or closed.
        6. To delete all bonus funds and winnings thereof, by cancellation of a Game Account if the Account Holder has not met the conditions for that bonus.
    3. Terms of Payment
      1. It is not possible to participate in games by using credit on Slotking or in other ways to play for more than the balance of the Account.
      2. Neither the Company nor the Account Holder can transfer money, bonuses, or similar between accounts.
      3. Winnings are added to the Account Holder’s Account immediately after the game has ended.
      4. The Company accepts the following payment cards: Visadankort, Visa, and Maestro. The Company does not accept payment in cash, bank transfers etc. 
      5. On the Account, the Account Holder has access to information about the balance of the Account, gaming history (including bets, winnings and losses), deposits and withdrawals and other transactions related thereto. Information regarding the transactions made within the past 90 days is available. At the request of the Account Holder, the Company can provide account statements for all transactions within the Account for the past 12 months.
    4. Gaming rules and responsibilities
      1. If the Account Holder quits an ongoing game, the game is saved with the Company and the Account Holder has the option through the Account to continue the game for up to 48 hours after the interruption. Should this not occur due to a technical error, the Company will refund the bet to the Account Holder by deposit the amount on the Account. If a game is deactivated for longer than 48 hours, the Account Holder is not guaranteed that this game can be continued after a reactivation.
      2. If an Account Holder is experiencing errors or other malfunctions in a game in progress, the Account Holder must  immediately stop the game and within 24 hours contact Slotkings's support on the email address support@slotking.com. The support will then investigate further to find the cause of the error and its effects. If the game is continued nevertheless failure or other malfunction or Account Holder does not contact Slotking, the ability to uncover the error will be lost or severely restricted. The Account Holder loses the right to reimbursement of the bet (see section 4.1), and every right to withdraw winnings from the game or winnings that would be gained if the error was not present.
      3. The Account Holder is responsible for the security on his computer, or wherever the Account Holder has access to the Internet. If the Account is accessed by third parties as a result of viruses or malware, it is the Account Holder's own responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable for any loss as a result.
      4. The Company is not responsible for incidents or technical errors that occur on the Account Holder's computer, Internet or other technical equipment needed for access to the Company's websites.
      5. The Account Holder agrees that a random number generator will determine the randomly generated events required in connection with the game on the Company's websites. If the result displayed does not match the outcome within the Company server, then it is the result on the server that is applicable.
      6. The Company disclaims any liability for technical errors on the server that runs the Company's games. 
      7. The Company reserves the right to close or suspend an ongoing or upcoming game and/or tournament for technical reasons, or if the Company suspects fraud, unnatural or illegal activities in relation to these terms and conditions or to Danish legislation.
    5. Right of cancellation
      1. Payment or participation in games at Slotking.com is not covered by the right of cancellation, according to the Danish consumer law (forbrugeraftalelovens) § 17, stk. 2, nr. 4.
      2. When a game is started, the Account Holder's right of cancellation is void.
    6. Failure to comply with the Terms
      1. The Company is in no way liable for any injury, loss or expenses etc. regardless of how they have occurred, when they have arisen due to:
        1. Transgressions against the Terms and Conditions,
        2. Transgressions against current legislation,
        3. Access made by a third party, regardless of the presence of consent.
      2. Noncompliance with the Terms and Conditions, results in the Company being able to retain any deposits on Account Holders Account, until an investigation or a trial has been concluded.
    7. Data policy
      1. The Company complies with the existing legislation on personal data handling. Personal data is defined as any information that can be attributed to an individual, including name, date of birth, address, social security number, etc. Encrypted data is also considered personal data to the extent it is possible to decrypt this information and thereby identify those whom the data is about.
      2. The Company will not disclose personal data. Exceptions are by order from the authorities and/or when required by applicable law, including on suspicion of violation of the law on money laundering, which the Company is obliged to report the matter to the Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime.
      3. The Company uses cookies to store certain types of information on the website www.slotking.com, for example when the Account Holder plays a game, logs in, or receives a bonus. Cookies allows the Company to recognize the Account Holder's computer and ensure that the Game Account is linked to the correct Account Holder.
      4. When the Account Holder visits www.slotking.com, the IP address used is registered. The Account holder's IP address is the address of the computer and the Internet, which is used to visit www.slotking.com. The purpose of registration is that the Company can always trace the used computer in case of abuse or excess of the legislation or Agreement in connection with the visit to  www.slotking.com.
      5. All data between the Game Account's computer and the Server is encrypted with SSL. The company is PCI-certified and is in accordance with the ever applicable PCI rules, safety checked by an approved PCI security company.
      6. Upon termination of a Game Account, the Company will keep the Account Holder's personal data and all account transactions in a period of minimum 5 years, as required by the Danish Gambling Authority.
      7. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into force the 25th of May 2018, requires every organization that collects sensitive personal data from those residing in the EU to ask for clear and specific consent before collecting that data. According to the GDPR, personal data is any bit of information that can be used to identify the data subject providing the personal data. Slotking.com always have and will continue to comply with applicable law on personal data. Personal data is defined as any information that can be attributed to an individual, such as name, birth date, address, etc. Photos can also be regarded as personal data, if it is possible to identify individuals. Encrypted data is also considered personal data to the extent it is possible to decrypt this information and thereby identify those whom the data is about.
    8. Complaints
      1. If an Account Holder believes that a game is not completed in accordance with applicable law and Terms, the Account Holder may complain to the Company. A complaint must contain information about the Account Holder's identity and the reason for the complained matter.
      2. Complaints must come into the Company's possession within 30 days from the time when the Account Holder experienced the error. With regards to technical errors, the Company must receive the complaint within 24 hours.
      3. The company will handle the complaint as soon as possible. If the complaint is not settled within 14 days, the Account Holder will be notified of when to expect a decision.
    9. Amendments
      1. The company reserves the right to make changes in the Terms at any time, such as a result of amendments. Before the changes in the Terms can become effective for an existing Account Holder, the Terms must be accepted by the Account Holder. The acceptance of the new Terms will be requested when signing in to the Game Account. The Account Holder will be presented with the new Terms before the acceptance. The Account Holder may at any time, in connection with the change of Terms, without notice or justification bring the customer relationship to an end.
    10. Third Party software providers
      1. Additional terms for the games  are also applied regarding the Casino-Section at Slotking.com, and for games supplied by third party providers, as mentioned below.
      2. The Company is not responsible for any disputes concerning intellectual property rights, belonging to games, supplied by the above mentioned suppliers. 
      3. When playing a game developed by a third party, the third party privacy policy is also applicable. 
    11. Version
      1. Please note that the English version of the Terms and Conditions is the only applicable and authentic version, and it is this version that is the basis in case of disagreements and disputes.